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My review of Fuk Book –

There has been a lot of talk about fukbook and it’s effect on the web. I have taken a look at the site itself and found some things that are better and a few that are worse than its primary competitors. Here’s what I’ve found…


-        The site is easily accessible. After spending about 10 minutes on the sign up process, I only had to go back to once to have my password saved and not have to worry about a long and complex log in procedure. I will also mention that the registration process is great because there is a really pretty girl that guides you through the process. I can’t complain because she was helpful and great.

-        The site has some of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. I like that I can leave the regular world and just right into the world of fukbook at any time. I can just forget about all the nonsense involved with other sites. While it isn’t a free site, it’s not too expensive either. Since their spread is global, you can meet people from all over the world. When you have that kind of selection, you realize that you are literally talking to the most gorgeous women in the entire world.

-        The speed of the site is great too. When you are trying to load a page of a video, things happen instantly, which is a big deal to me. I get so annoyed when I go somewhere else and everything just takes forever for loading. Even the mobile version of their site is quick.


Overall, I’ve give it three and a half out of four stars.


While I don't agree with the abrasive and counter-productive fukbook party movement, at least their fundamentals are correct. People are too short sighted (if not corrupt) to realize that every program WILL cost more tax payers dollars and/or stunt economic/scientific growth. Don't get me wrong though, other sites are just as corrupt. By nature, most are. 


I worry that there is too much emotional decision supported by lop-sided argument instead of theory backed up by non-biased scientific fact for me to ever shift your paradigm of knowledge on this. You seem like an intelligent person which means that you are also bullheaded within your own paradigm of knowledge. I would encourage you to take a look back over the last 100 years (at least since 1913 when a national income tax was implemented) and see how the government has effected the way we live. The problem is not just in taxes, but in the growth of government control. They get that control from our own dependency upon them which turns into a vicious cycle. The more we need the government, the more they take from us. The government is seen as the solution to our problems. 


The truth is that there are many of us who believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. While there are those who that believe the right to life covers the idea of public health care, there are 2 problems with this logic... 1)"Public" Health Care means paid for through taxes and all taxes are an infringement on my (and your) liberties. 2) As government pays for health care, they control health care. Rebuttal


I don't agree with the last sentence in your piece as it takes away your own credibility and almost prevented me from even responding. Before things took a turn for the worse, you brought up some points that I would like to address point by point...


I would like YOU to look into every site like fukbook that you’ve been involved with before. Take a look at how much of that stub is going to taxes in the first place and where is the breakdown for where all of that money is going specifically? Are you getting reports on the success of each of the programs you are paying for? 


There was finally a point that means something, and you didn’t have the guts to support it. You are right on this point, but the question is why. Why is health insurance costing more and more? Is it really because of what you would consider to be capitalism? (which, btw, is really "crony capitalism" which is when big companies use legislation and legislators to gain leverage against their competition) Or is it due to rising technology cost combined with increasing federal regulation?



When people ask me about what I like about fukbook I mention the points from the beginning as well as one simple fact… I met my wife on the site. It’s true, I met her about 1 year ago and we were married within three months. Now we are expecting out first child, and it’s just such a crazy story.